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Mastering Medical Cannabis

Gain Profound Knowledge of One of Earth’s Most Powerful Herbs

Can Cannabis Help Unlock Our Healing Potential?

There’s so much to learn about Cannabis that will absolutely blow your mind! Cannabis can be used as a potent medicine for many aliments. In fact, its the only known plant medicine that your body will actually transform into even stronger medicine! Did you know Cannabis can also be used to make flame resistant building materials and even bio-degradable plastics? Learn how different types of Cannabis work to heal your body and our climate. Learn about the amazing effects of Terpenes and how to preserve them. Learn why ediblizing is the best medicine & much more.

Mastering Medical Cannabis

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Five Incredible Lessons Included!

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1. Finding The Perfect Flower

Find out why the whole cannabis flower is already holistic as is. Plus, learn about herbal remedies for your nervous AND immune systems.

Hand holding Marijuana joint against cannabis plant

2. Up In Smoke

Learn how to read & interpret Certificates of Analysis, and how to find the best labs for testing your cannabis flowers, oils, &/or final products

Food and drink and cannabis oil on the dining table. Alternative medicine concept.

3. Half Baked

It's all about terpenes and temperatures in this one! Discover how to maximize the terpenes in your product & calculate the perfect combination for a therapeutic dose every time.

Cannabis CBD oil, pills and crystal isolate

4. The Dude Cannabides

Learn how the spirit of the plant interacts with the biochemistry of your nervous system. Plus, information on the well-researched medicinal compounds found in this herb.


5. One Love

We'll discuss this incredible herb's many talents! Its medicinal uses, industrial uses, & its role in autophagy for cancer treatments, behavior stability, & Detoxing


This course is Amazing. But don't just take our word for it! Hear from a few people who have taken our Making AND Mastering Medical Cannabis courses!

"This course was INCREDIBLE and such a special experience for me. It allowed me the opportunity to embrace & understand the science behind very special herbs."
April K.
"Now that I have this knowledge, I feel capable of choosing the right flowers for me. I've already made herbal remedies to help me sleep & give me relief from my headaches!"
Lorrie C.
"It was really cool to learn how to achieve the perfect balance of THC and CBD. It really allows people to have a truly wonderful, therapeutic and healing experience."
Meg M.

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