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By Dr. Alejandra Huante

Curious about Homeopathy, but Don't Know Where to Begin?

This course was developed for anyone who is interested in learning the fundamentals of homeopathy, a natural medicine that uses the body's own energy and innate abilities to repair itself.

With 9 incredible lessons, Dr. Alejandra Huante will cover everything you need to know about homeopathy! You will explore the 8 guiding principles every homeopath follows, learn the difference between homeopathy vs. allopathy, get acquainted with the 15 most common remedies used in the homeopathic practice, and MORE!

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Nine Incredible Lessons Included!


1. What Is Homeopathy?

Dr. Huante will introduce this distinct form of medicine that is based on natural laws & addresses each person holistically, without causing any negative side effects.

The concept of homeopathy. Scattered powder from a tablet with a mint leaf on a white background.

2. Origins of Homeopathy

Meet Samuel Hahnemann. A German physician who had the vision to develop a new method based on philosophical, medicinal, biological, and physical principles.


3. Homeopathic Principles

A deeper look into the eight guiding principles of homeopathy.


4. Why Use Homeopathy?

Uncover the benefits that homeopathy has to offer and see why it is a great therapeutic method for the whole family.

Homeopathy. Mother and little boy visiting a homeopath

5. Are There Side Effects?

You'll see that this natural medicine has no negative side effects, allergies, or secondary effects, making it a beneficial choice for use in all ages.

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6. Is It Legal?

Homeopathy extends beyond borders as a globally accepted and recognized form of natural medicine.

Herbal vs conventional medicine concept

7. Homeopathy vs. Allopathy

Do you know the difference? And more importantly, do you know when to apply each? Come learn more about these two approaches to medicine!

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8. Choosing the Remedy

Come to understand the important role of the homeopath, who must know the distinct qualities & symptoms of each remedy for proper selection & application.


9. Common Remedies

Learn the most important characteristics of the 15 most common remedies used in homeopathic practice.

About The Author

Dr. Alejandra Huante is a medical doctor from Universidad Anáhuac México. She has a masters degree on clinical nutrition and a Diploma on anorexia and bulimia, from the same University. Amazed with homeopathy as a patient, she pursued a Homeopathy Specialty and a Masters degree program on Homeopathy at Homeopatía de México, a very recognized school, founded by Dr Proceso Sánchez Ortega.

She has been a med school teacher at Universidad Anáhuac for the last 9 years, teaching Homeopathy; traditional, alternative, complementary and integrative medicine; and Bioethics and Clinical Reasoning at their Mexico city Campus, and since last year, at the Cancún campus as well.

In addition for her private practice, she has been working with cleft lip and palate patients for 17 years. First at Hospital ABC, and for the last 10 years with Centro SUMA, where she is one of the associate founders, and part of the directive board. There she works pro bono (as do all the other health professionals) to help kids with cleft lip or palate that are in a vulnerable situation, with no medical or social security. She continues to help educate patients and families with nutrition and homeopathy (www.centrosuma.org)

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