What makes COVID CON unique among conferences is that in addition to getting information you can trust, you’ll also get to make an immediate difference. Your registration fees will fund unbiased science & education, as well as expert legal & legislative action coordinated to fight for you and your family’s future freedom.

What began as ‘2-weeks to flatten the curve’ has morphed into blatant fear mongering, unethical mandates for experimental products that are neither safe nor effective, and a state of emergency with no end in sight despite a 99.6% recovery rate in Americans under 65 as confirmed by the CDC.

We won’t be able to vaccinate our way out of this. Safe and effective treatments exist. An ounce of nutritional prevention is still worth a pound of cure. And this is no longer an emergency. So we brought the best and the brightest doctors, scientists, attorneys, journalists, activists and elected officials together over 3 magical days, so we can say in one voice, “NEVER AGAIN!”