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Making Medical Cannabis

Learn How to Turn an Amazing Herb into Potent Medicine

Are You Afraid of Ediblizing Because You Had a Bad Experience?

It was likely because you took too much THC and didn’t have enough CBD or Terpenes to balance the elevation. But what if you could create the perfect experience every time AND it be 100% medicinal? Smoking is recreational, but not medicinal. Why? Because smoking destroys the Terpenes in the cannabis flower while also injuring your lungs. In this course, we’ll show you how to make cannabis into REAL medicine, preserve the Terpenes, balance THC & CBD, and find your unique THC dosage so you never have to be afraid of ediblizing ever again!

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Six Incredible Lessons Included!

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1. Essentials for The Trade

We'll go over everything you'll need to turn this amazing herb into potent medicine!

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2. Selecting the Right Flower

Knowing which flower(s) to use and when can be the difference between a bad edibilizing experience and a perfect one!

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3. Certificates of Analysis

Learn how to read, interpret and utilize certificates of analysis to ensure you are getting the highest quality cannabis possible!

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4. The Cannabis Calculator

How much THC to CBD should you use? Learn how to use the cannabis calculator to simplify this process and get the perfect ratio every time!

Making Medical Cannabis

5. Making the Medicine

The fun part! Complete with a step by step VIDEO guide to creating the most amazing and medicinal cannabutter!

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BONUS - Making THC Tea

Who doesn't love a bonus? Learn how to quickly elevate your mood with this simple THC tea 🙂


This course is Amazing. But don't just take our word for it! Hear from a few people who have taken our Making AND Mastering Medical Cannabis courses!

"This course was INCREDIBLE and such a special experience for me. It allowed me the opportunity to embrace & understand the science behind very special herbs."
April K.
"Now that I have this knowledge, I feel capable of choosing the right flowers for me. I've already made herbal remedies to help me sleep & give me relief from my headaches!"
Lorrie C.
"It was really cool to learn how to achieve the perfect balance of THC and CBD. It really allows people to have a truly wonderful, therapeutic and healing experience."
Meg M.

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