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September 2023 Conference

Take Control of Your Health & Healing!

Healing In The Age of Bioweapons

Tired of everyone talking about all the problems, but not giving any solutions?
How about we start putting it all together by working together?

Get the latest research and solutions from these experts in natural medicine.

Dr. Bryan Ardis

Dr. Ed Group

Dr. Henry Ealy

Dr. Jana Schmidt

Day 1 Presentations

Unhappy middle aged lady touching belly, suffering from abdomen ache, symptoms.

Dr. Jana Schmidt

Key Body Systems and the Signs that Something is Wrong

Turmeric roots with lemon and honey drinks, powerful healing bev

Dr. Ed Group

Understanding Your Body’s Self Healing Mechanism

DNA Molecule Structure

Dr. Henry Ealy

The Secret Universe In Your Cells Autophagy, DNA Repair and Immunity.

Beneficial eating for digestive system. Healthy ingredients as source vitamins

Dr. Bryan Ardis

“Chewing to Pooping”
What Happens to What You Eat

Day 2 Presentations

Close up bumblebee sits on yellow flower with green blurred background

Dr. Jana Schmidt

Plants, Bees, and all the Naturals, for Every Illness there is a Herb

Wifi internet connection perforated paper

Dr. Ed Group

How to Defeat Parasites, Nanotech and EMF’s Linked to Bioweapons.

Vibrant bouquet of purple Cape pig (Plumbago auriculata) flowers growing in a garden

Dr. Henry Ealy

Plasmids, CRISPR Gene Drive, Graphine Oxide Disabling Bioweapon Delivery Systems 

Another day done. Shot of a pair of cowboy boots in a barn.

Dr. Bryan Ardis

Testing for and Beating their Venom-Laced Bioweapon


Everything you need to know to confidently avoid hospitals!

How to disable nanotech, EMFs & 5G, plasmids, weaponized microbiomes and next gen genetic bioweapons that
threaten us all!

Time-Honored & Cutting-Edge Self-Healing Solutions!

How you can save THOUSANDS of dollars in medical
expenses every year!

How you can stay looking and FEELING younger than your years with simple secrets from the medicine God intended for us all!

The very latest research the Big 4 Docs are using to help people recover from injection injuries and infections that
seem to never go away!

Skills & key questions so you can interview health professionals for the right to work with the people you love!

How your body is designed to heal, when you follow simple principles for producing more energy, consuming less waste, and cleaning your internal and external environments.

Medicine food bee pollen.

What’s Included?

For Only $199 USD

Cell Healing Fasting DNA Repair Energy Energetic Health Institute Dr Henele Henry Ealy

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