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What we’ve learned over the longest 2 years of our lives is that sickness IS slavery. How many of our loved ones were murdered for profit in hospitals by a heartless medical system that lied, mandated, violated informed consent laws, violated patient rights, played god, and imprisoned our loved ones while also withholding evidence-based treatments? WE. CAN. DO. BETTER.

What if you could escape to a land where freedom was respected and love was the new normal? With access to these replays, you will learn from Doctors, Educators, Experts and most importantly, humans with good hearts, how you can light the way into OUR new normal of hope, happiness, and freedom for ALL!

And with your purchase, you will be making an immediate difference. Every dollar is going to fund health education in natural medicine, grand jury petitions to hold alleged criminals accountable, and REAL help for children healing from gene modification injuries…that’s right…it’s NOT a vaccine and never was.

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So Many Incredible Presentations Included!

Dr. David & Kim Martin

Economics of Certainty, Prosecute Now, Fully Living & More

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko

Special Session

Dr. Carrie Madej

Human 2.0: Is This the True Path to Health?

Kevin Jenkins

Breathe In Family Faith Freedom

Nichola Burnett

New Era of Natural Healing Technology

John Hewlett

Cardio Miracle, Heart Health & Immunity

Dr. Henry Ealy

Legal Updates & The Cellular Healing Process

Nicole Sirotek

Nicole Sirotek

From 'Sick' care to Health Care

Nikki Florio

Geoengineering, 5G and the Bee

Is This a Pandemic of the Unvaccinated or the Unhealthy?

Dr. Henry Ealy

 Learn more about our first conference – Covid Con ’21!

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