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    CovidCon and Beyond was an incredible 3 day event focused on Hope, Health & Freedom. Our speakers were spot-on with updates on real successes to date, visionary ideas, and action-oriented tools we can all implement TODAY. We opened with updates about the incredible progress and the playbook for our WINNING strategy. We covered nutrition & prevention, political action, healthy living, and how to create a brighter vision for the future than ever in human history. We closed out the final evening with an incredibly moving interview with Dr. Zelenko, who is a true crusader for humanity.
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    COVIDCON ’21

    In CovidCon 21 we brought the best and the brightest doctors, scientists, attorneys, journalists, activists and elected officials together over 3 magical days, so we can say in one voice, “NEVER AGAIN!"
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    Homeopathy 101

    Learn all about this Incredible Medicine and How it can be used to Enhance the body's natural ability to heal  - without unwanted side effects! In this course, Dr. Alejandra Huante, dives into the history of Homeopathy and breaks down what you need to know to start incorporating this medicine into your daily life or practice (including some of the MOST COMMON remedies used in homeopathy)!
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    Homeopatía 101

    Aprende todo acerca de esta increíble terapéutica y cómo puede ser usada para mejorar la habilidad natural del cuerpo para sanar – ¡sin efectos adversos indeseables! En este curso, la Dra Alejandra Huante nos lleva hacia la historia de la homeopatía y desglosa lo que necesitas saber para poder incorporar esta medicina en tu vida diaria o práctica médica (incluyendo los remedios homeopáticos MÁS USADOS)!
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    Making Medical Cannabis

    Afraid of ediblizing because you’ve had a bad experience? It was likely because you took too much THC and didn’t have enough CBD or Terpenes to balance the elevation. But what if you could create the perfect experience every time AND it be 100% medicinal? Smoking is recreational, but not medicinal. Why? Because smoking destroys the Terpenes in the cannabis flower while also injuring your lungs. In this course, we’ll show you how to make cannabis into REAL medicine, preserve the Terpenes, balance THC & CBD, and find your unique THC dosage so you never have to be afraid of ediblizing ever again!
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    Mastering Medical Cannabis

    There's so much to learn about Cannabis that will absolutely blow your mind. Cannabis can be used as a potent medicine for many aliments. In fact, its the only known plant medicine that your body will actually transform into even stronger medicine! Did you know Cannabis can also be used to make flame resistant building materials and even bio-degradable plastics? Learn how different types of Cannabis work to heal your body and our climate. Learn about the amazing effects of Terpenes and how to preserve them. Learn why ediblizing is the best medicine & much more.
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    The Art of Cellular Healing

    Learn How To Maximize Energy Production, Stabilize Alkaline Cellular Environments, And Set The Stage For Cellular Detoxification & Regeneration That Can Save Your Life. If You've Been Seeking Answers...If You're Scared And Need Help...If You Believe You Can Heal, But Don't Know How...Dr. H Designed This Course Specifically For You! Get Fast-Tracked For REAL Healing!