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ADHD in Children

Created By Dr. H & EHI Faculty

Is The System Trying To Medicate Your Child?

Is your child having trouble focusing?

Time to empower YOU so that you can help your child heal.

Has the difficulty with focusing affected your child's grades?

Time to learn how to watch for positive changes while helping your child heal!

"I finally feel like I can truly help my child!"
"As a mom that has a child that has a hard time focusing, I have found this course very helpful in helping my child heal!"
"Thank you for helping to empower me with the knowledge I have been searching for!"
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Course Details

Learn How YOU Can Take Control Back & Help Your Child Heal!

For Only $99!

Learn all about ADHD in children and become empowered to take your child’s health into your own hands.
Our holistic healing education guide will teach you all about the underlying culprits contributing to your child’s symptoms and equip you with holistic strategies to alleviate them and help your child thrive (WITHOUT unwanted side effects)!

The Course Includes:

An in-depth case study presentation where our exceptional healers take you through their nutritional recommendations for the specific case.
Maybe include a statement about having the freedom to learn whenever you want, where ever you want with our online courses.
The ADHD in Children guide also includes:
Energetic Health Tips
Recommended Foods
Recommended Cookwares
A Sample Vitamin & Supplement Schedule
Additional Information Includes:
Supportive Therapy Recommendations
Symptoms to Monitor
Recommended Labs and more!

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